What happens at an underwater photo session?

We make the sessions as relaxed and enjoyable as possible

We always put the welfare of your little one first, and will not submerge a distressed child.

You can go in the water with your child, just like in your usual class.

You can have your photo taken under water with your child if you wish.

Aquababes and Little Splashers are usually very comfortable during the session.

We do our very best to make sure you have a gorgeous photo to take home with you!

Youll know if your child will enjoy an underwater photo shoot if you can answer yes to these questions:

Have you been coming to AquababesNI for at least four weeks?

Is your child happy being submerged (put underwater)?

Usually parents attend their first shoot at the end of the first six weeks and its generally best to come along when your baby is still less than ten months.  By the end of their first term the babies will have had time to build up their stamina and have plenty of experience of going underwater  and they wont be as quick (and therefore harder to focus on) as they are when they get bigger!

On the day your baby will generally do a maximum of three submersions, as long as they (and you) are entirely happy about it.  We consider this to be well within the boundaries of most babies and toddlers comfort zones  and, as always, your childs happiness and well-being must come first.  We shoot digitally so each submersion gives you between one and three images to choose from (meaning up to nine in total). Our aim is to make it a fun experience for both of you, based upon activities from your normal lessons with the photography carefully interwoven.  Weve found this reassuring familiarity to be the best way of ensuring you and your baby can relax and enjoy the event.

Over water photoshoots.

We offer above-water photography sessions too, bringing parents enchanting action shots of their children enjoying our lessons.  Please ask your teacher for more information.

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