The start of a lifelong relationship in the water.
Skills for life.

Aquababes(0-9 months) - We welcome babies from birth who love the freedom of movement and buoyancy that water offers. In these classes, important signals are introduced to create the basis for the coming levels.  We introduce back floating which is a truly magical bonding experience with your little one., together with  your little one will be gaining e.g stronger backs and greater head control, giving them the opportunity for swimming with woggles and holding onto the side. They particularly love to splash and blow bubbles.

Starfish (18 months - 3 years) - Your child is beginning to enjoy the water with some new-found independence, often extremely proud of themselves as they realise they can do so much on their own: they can enter and exit the water safely and learning to swim short distances unaided. Many starfish will dive and collect items from the bottom of the pool and swim underwater to mum or dad unaided. Some starfish will also co-ordinate their swimming into a doggy paddle.

Little splashers (9 months - 18 months) - Toddlers love to splash, jump in, kick their legs and chase the toys, as well as interact with each other children in our fun games and activities. Most are extremely comfortable taking little swims on their own, both with woggles and unaided.

Dippers (3-5 years) - Focusing on coordination and propulsion... although they don't know it and with bags of confidence, they have lots of fun! Balls, woggles and floats are used to improve alignment and style whilst confident jumping in makes an enormous splash! Your youngster will now initiate their own swimming and before long, their small swims get longer.


We are teaching you the techniques to enable you to teach your baby to swim. Yet from this basic premise comes so much more.

Your baby can begin swimming just as soon as you are ready to bring them.   However we do recommend that you start to bring your little one before they turn six months.

All of the pools in which we operate are heated to 30° or above.

Lessons start promptly, and each class lasts half an hour.